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Version History



Version 1.02 for MacOS X (October 2016)

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 15
  • Bug Fix: The tool tips of the ElementsXXL icons are now displayed correctly.


Version 1.01 for MacOS X (August 2016)

  • Trial version can be used for another 14 days even if it expired previously.
  • Bug Fix: The trial version does not expire prematurely anymore.
  • The following features run faster: Mode > 16 Bits per Channel, Convert for Smart Filter / Convert to Smart Object, Adding a smart filter, Ungroup Layers, Quick Mask Mode (for 16-bit images)
  • The German manual was updated with Mac screenshots
  • Bug Fix: It was previously still possible to deactivate the color pickers of the Curves dialog which led to a crash.
  • Bug Fix: Editing a Curves adjustment layer with unchanged default settings does not cause an error message anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Activating the hand tool on the Curves adjustment layer dialog did not work when displaying the dialog for a second time and the hand tool was activated the first time.
  • Bug Fix: Pressing Ctrl + V for creating a new document from the clipboard now also works in localized versions of Photoshop Elements (except those with non-Western characters)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed German localization of control bar buttons


Version 1.0 for MacOS X (July 2016)

  • First release that offers all features of ElementsXXL 1 for Windows, but also includes improvements and speed enhancements from ElementsXXL 2 - 4 for Windows.


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